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Movember - High Dive

Movember is upon us! Did you know that 1 in 6 men are affected by prostate cancer?!? This is a scary fact just like the 1 in 8 figures for breast cancer. Unfortunately because men usually develop this later in life, it isn’t as well known – it is important to get checked early and be informed!!! We are raising money this month to help fund programs for more awareness and early detection.

Join the High Dive Movember Team!!! You can use this link to help educate and join/donate to the High Dive Movember squad.

We are holding an Instagram stache contest that will run all month long, and the winner will receive a killer gift basket with some awesome goodies. Post your Movember mustache photos tagged with @highdivesd & #movember to enter for the prize.
Donations: make a donation to support those affected by prostate cancer! Make a 100% charitable donation of your choice, round up your check, or put a stache up on our front window to show support and promote awareness.
Lastly we are holding our FIRST co-ed beer/spirit & food pairing with Ballast Point on Tuesday, November 26th. This is going to be a rockin event with Ballast brews as well as some of the spirits including the Devil’s Share line. All proceeds are going towards our Movember charitable donation to support those affected by prostate cancer. Check out this link for more information. Beer/spirit/food menu updates are coming soon!

No-Shave November is under way. In addition to raising awareness for cancer research and having an excuse to rock an awesome beard, you’re also helping the environment by participating. Here’s how:

1. You’re saving 300 gallons of water.
The average shave uses between three to 10 gallons of water, so by going shave-free, you’re saving anywhere from 90 to 300 gallons of water in one month.

2. You’re cutting back on razor waste.
Recycling of disposable razors can be difficult due to the process of separating the blades from the plastic and the potential health and safety concerns involved. Therefore, the recycling options are limited. If you’re a disposable razor user, by participating in No-Shave November, you’re helping to lower the amount of razor waste in landfills.

3. You’re saving electricity.
Even if you use a lower-waste electric razor, you’re still using electricity. Also, while electric razors last longer, the energy used in the design, manufacture and disposal of them adds to your carbon footprint. Shaving doesn’t always have to mean waste. When December rolls around, consider using a completely recyclable straight razor.

These environmental tips are sourced from Earth911.

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