Have you met The Local?

Our Local is based upon the Radler (a traditional german post-anything refreshment). As legend has it, once upon a time there were some fine gentlemen loitering at their favorite watering hole (guess where…) and drinking what appeared to be Radlers. When the topic of the origin of the drink was brought up, intense chuckling burst forth from the table. When questioned about the cause of this exuberance only one word was uttered: “FUGU!”

From that day on it’s been a house favorite at the High Dive. It’s refreshing and light but if you’re not careful it’ll kick your ass without so much as a second thought. Consider yourself warned…

Pinball Wizard

Meet Keith Montgomery Elwin. He’s the pinball champion of the world. Yes, that’s right- he is the best pinball player in the whole entire world- and he hangs out here at the High Dive. He favors the IPA, especially Avery’s Maharaja, and his favorite machine is AC/DC, currently in action a la Dive. Once a month, on every second Tuesday, Keith hosts a tournament here. One extra machine is brought in for the event, which makes four machines for play! SHAZAM!

For those of you that are pinball challenged, do not fear! Keith made a DVD about how to conquer the beasty game that is pinball. This fine film is fittingly titled Pinball 101. Keith highly suggests the investment of said DVD for obvious reasons, of course… it will help to improve your game, immensely.


The Kraken

Two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Four strips of bacon. Gorgonzola cheese. Caramelized onions. Half a pound of beef… That’s all.

The Kraken

Chicks For Beer

Join us at the High Dive @7P on the third Tuesday of each month to hobnob with friends and soak up some beer 101 straight from the source! Come thirsty and hungry! Each featured beer you taste will be accompanied by an appetizing dish! Tickets are $25, if purchased in advance at www.ticketderby.com, or $30 at the door. Chicks for Beer is a non-profit organization that supports many worthy causes. Drink some beer, save some lives!

Clinton from Coronado teachin' the ladies a thing or two