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Discover SD  included us in some of the best places to catch the Chargers!!  Not a Charger fan?  That’s ok come down and get some grub then find a bar that has your team on!!    

Have you met The Local?

Our Local is based upon the Radler (a traditional german post-anything refreshment). As legend has it, once upon a time there were some fine gentlemen loitering at their favorite watering hole (guess where…) and drinking what appeared to be Radlers. When the topic of the origin of the drink was brought up, intense chuckling burst… Read more »

Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits

Ballast Point Spirits were born from the same experimental fortitude that launched our beer in the early 1990s. We just knew we could take something people have been crafting for centuries and give it a unique, Ballast Point twist.

Try Old Grove Gin, Three Sheets Rum or Fugu Vodka Today. You’ll have to wait a few more months for the Devil’s Share…